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Here is a great way to save time and money if you need "interim" or  short-term coverage for          
up to one year.  These are the best plans if:
  • You are between jobs.
  • You are looking for an affordable alternative to COBRA.
  • You are waiting to be eligible for your employer's health plan.
  • If you have recently graduated.
  • You need interim coverage to protect yourself while your permanent health insurance                   
    policy is being processed for approval.
  • You are not a US citizen.

    You can apply online in less than five minutes with any of the plans below, and get covered as of
    midnight tonight.  Short term plans cover everything after you meet your deductible, but you
    pay for all eligible medical expenses up to your deductible.  That is why the premiums are so
    low.  For extra protection, consider purchasing a short term plan along with an affordable
    accident plan or prescription discount plan that will reduce your out of pocket exposure.  

Assurant Health
Assurant Health, formerly Fortis Health, is the       
leader in the US for individual permanent and         
short term health plans.  
An excellent plan, available in most states, and it    
will cover you and your family for as few as thirty   
to 365 days.  

Pay by credit card, (great if you get cash back or    
airline mileage), get billed monthly and you can       
get covered as of midnight of the night you apply.

Secure Med STM:
From Standard Security, here's                                 
a new instant short term                                             
health plan that offers excellent                                
coverage, usually at the lowest                                  
 monthly premiums, with no sacrifice in  benefits or
coverage .  

Often the best choice for individuals with                 
controlled, medically supervised pre-existing           
conditions that are not covered by the other plans,  
such as non-insulin Type 2 diabetes,  controlled      
high cholesterol and high blood pressure.  

Daily and monthly rates, pay a month at a time up  
to twelve months.  AM Best "A" rated company.
Overseas Travel Medical Short Term            
The best plan for short-term health coverage of      
non-U.S. citizens while visiting in the United           
States, or U.S. citizens while traveling abroad.
Endeavor Group
We make it  easy to
shop  for the best  
insurance and
benefits  plans for
you and your  family
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Endeavor Group Insurance
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What Else?
  • Disability Income Protection
  • You've Insured Your Life, but Have you Insured Your Lifestyle?
  • Cancer, Heart/Stroke Insurance
  • Helps Cover Costs of Treatment & Care of Debilitating Diseases.
  • Accident Insurance
  • Inexpensive Coverage Pays Hospital and Emergency Room Costs.
  • Fixed & Indexed Annuites
  • The SAFE Investment--Guaranteed Return of Income AND a                                           
    Return on Your Investment

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Need An Affordable Dental and Vision Plan? Click here                                  
and get great savings and access to thousands of Dentist and Eye specialists.
Select STM

One of the least expensive                                        
major medical short term plans available.                
Sign up for one to twelve months, and this plan        
accepts medically supervised controlled high           
blood pressure, controlled high cholesterol, and      
non-insulin Type 2 diabetes.  

From TIG Premier Insurance Company.
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  Hey Boomers: You can still rock, but you, your spouse, and parents                       
need Long Term Care Insurance.  

Forget about social security or  medicaid to take care of us --there's way
too many of us Boomers retiring at once-- over thirty six million in the next                  
ten  years.  Our generation never trusted the government to look out for us, and we       
can forget about the kids taking care of us.

But do you know enough about it to ask  the right questions and to                               
select the right long term care plans for you?  Click here for a                                        
consultation with our knowledgeable Boomer Seniors Advisors.    
  Planning a Family?    Only Golden Rule offers permanent individual                   
health insurance  plans with a  maternity rider maternity benefit, available                    
in several states.  To get a Golden Rule quote, click on the arrow above, left.                 
But here's a
Maternity Plan you can purchase separately that                                    
covers prenatal, well-mother care, delivery, and well-baby and is                                    
guaranteed to save you thousands of dollars on the cost of                                             
having a baby.  Unlike   health insurance, you can purchase                                           
this plan  even if you are  pregnant.                                  
Need Life Insurance?     Click here                             for the lowest                       
term life quotes and from hundreds of "A" rated Life Insurance carriers.
Diabetic?  Just because you have diabetes,  doesn't mean you can't save big bucks
on your health care costs with this  non-insurance discount medical and health plan
that anyone can apply.