Lesson # 1 is the first thing any job seeker learns
from any book ever written or any seminar or
workshop on how to find a job.  
Hold on--
What About
Lesson #1?
Lesson #1 for Finding a job:
"Get over it!"
Lesson # 1 always bears repeating for job
seekers--get over the fact that you are now
wowwop'd (with out work, with out paycheck)
The sooner you get over the grief and the
emotional aspects of job loss and start taking
looking for work as a serious full-time job that
takes all of your skill and positive attitude, the
sooner you will find the job and paycheck you

No other Rule will save you more money than
learning and applying Lesson # 1.  
If you don't apply Lesson # 1 to
your job search, you will be stuck,
and you will miss a lot of months of
paychecks and a lot of months of
eligibility for an employer's group
health plan.
So Learn Lesson
# 1 first, then
learn the other
lessons, and you
will be amazed
how much money
you can save.
Lesson #2B- -
The first lesson
for saving big
bucks on health
Every authority on job search, including the
most quoted authority of all time,
nonymous, teaches Lesson # 1.  So we are
not exactly advancing the cause or telling
you something you didn't already know
about job search.

This site is not really about showing you
how to find a  job. It is about showing you
how to save a lot of money and protect
yourself and your family while you are
between jobs.  

Yes, if you stick with us you will learn some
sneaky secrets about how to improve your
odds of getting a job offer and how to
negotiate effectively for more money when
you get to the interview stage, but first we
want to show you how to save on health
care while first protecting your family.