You need to remember this same rule when it
comes to health care so that you can protect your
family's health and save BIG BUCKS.

If you've been used to your employer paying for
all or most of the costs of your health care, well,
you were either born into royalty or you have
been living a sheltered life.

Today, US employers are fighting for survival in a
world economy, where competitors' workers are
paid a fraction of what you used to make in a day
as a kid with your paper route.  

Even if overseas workers were paid the same
wages, they don't get the one third extra goodies  
in fringe  benefits that American workers typically
receive.  The biggest uncontrollable cost for
companies today is the cost of health care, often
going up over 25% per year for employers with
no solution in sight.

Is it any wonder employers are afraid to hire
workers (in this country) and are out-sourcing so
many jobs overseas  these days?
So What's
Lesson # 2?
Lesson Two:
Get Over It!"
Lesson 2 C:
The High Price of
So if you expected to be able to receive
unlimited health care benefits at low cost,
courtesy of your ex-employer, Lesson # 2
comes into play: it doesn't work that way in
the real world any more,

But if you are willing to explore and learn and
try some new approaches to protecting your
family's health that can save you a lot of
cash, you may have finally learned Lesson  2,
and you're ready to proceed.