DFW is blessed to have many great organizations and
individuals that help the working unemployed.  

Here is a link to some of the most helpful
organizations and sites for job transition

If you are in job transition, remember that this can be
a period of discovery and of positive change, an
opportunity to make new friends and contacts, and
perhaps a new career or life in a new community. It is
also a rare opportunity for you to help others in your
community with their  transition, and to put into
practice that your life is always in transition, that
you should always network, and as you give, so shall
you receive.

In spite of all of the postings on thousands of job
websites, nobody gets hired without contacting and
communicating with other persons.  Don't get trapped
into thinking you can land a job by spending all of
your time online.  Make it a point to meet people.

You may discover that by first asking everyone that
you come into contact, whether for job-seeking or
otherwise, "How can I help you?" you will find the
answer for yourself.
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