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We set high standards of excellence for ourselves and
our associates.  Our associates are totally
independent, but we benefit both personally and
financially from each other's contributions.  

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GA,  and want to learn more about working
with  Endeavor Group,
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"It's not just about the money..."

Rewarding Lives & Careers
Endeavor Group
(...Just maybe you will understand this.)

Endeavor Group was founded as a different type of insurance company

Endeavor Group's
 mission is to help create a better life for our
clients, for our associates and for our communities.

We have combined our  business, family, community, and spiritual
endeavors and seek excellence in everything we do.
( wasn't always like this...)
The principals of endeavor Group were highly successful and driven
business leaders and over-achievers for over a quarter of a century.  

Finally, "it" caught up with them.

...That nagging feeling that something was missing, that there were
more important things to achieve in this world, that  income is but the
means to material things, not an ends to a happy life.

...So, a transformation, a change in careers, a change in lifestyle, and a
return to one's own core beliefs.
(...Now "it" is like it should have been again...)

So that's the short story of why and how       Endeavor Group was
founded.  We decided you
could and should have 'it" all.

The "it" is a life dedicated the concept of paying forward, with no
boundaries between family and career, a lifestyle that has a future and
a purpose and rich rewards.  

...If you doubt this is possible, then it probably is for you.

But if you "get it,"  or "seek it," then
contact us.  

We seek like spirits for a common interest, and are expanding
locally, regionally, and nationally.
...Our hearts are filled with joy and purpose and we
are continuously surprised and delighted every day.

...To be in the service of others in his name is life's greatest
Endeavor Group
6505 W. Park Blvd.
Suite 306-312
Plano, TX 75075
(888) 398-6246
214-764-6315  office
214-764-6380  fax

Endeavor Group Is
dedicated to helping
others.  We help our
agents become more  
successful, with
access to the best
plans, marketing
support, and

We believe and
affirm every day that
by helping others, it
comes back to you
many times.  Our
goal is to inspire this
philosophy in
everyone we come
into contact each
day through our
actions and our
business conduct.
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Endeavor Group
rewarding lives and careers