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Choosing a health plan for your company can be a
huge responsibility.

The following are some of the things to consider when
choosing a group plan.
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1)    How to know if your business meets the basic
qualification for group insurance:
--You must have a minimum of 2 employees or owners to
qualify for a group health plan.
These 2 people may be:
-Employer and Employee
-Two Partners
-Two Officers of a Corporation.

--If you have employees, you will need to provide a copy of
your most recent DE-6 (State Quarterly Wage Report). This
will be used to verify eligible employees.
For partnerships or corporations, you will need a business
license, articles of incorporation or other documents that
can verify the legitimacy of your business and the
participation of all people to be covered under the group
health plan.

What else should I know before I review plans and
request a quote?
--Minimum employer contribution must be at least 50% of
the employee only premium. The employer is not required to
contribute to the premium for dependents.

--Generally, 75% percent of all eligible employees must
enroll under the group plan.
(Exceptions are made in specific situations.)

--Rates will vary based on the size of your group, age of
employees, geographical location, overall healthiness of
employees, as well as other factors. Many insurance
companies offer a one-year rate guarantee on the monthly

--Eligible employees are any employees that work 30 or more
hours per week for the company. The employer may elect to
include employees that work 20 or more hours per week. If
an employee is already covered under another group health
plan, they are not included in the 75% minimum eligibility

--No employee may be denied coverage due to pre-existing
conditions for qualifying group health plans.

--Most companies have options in which they allow
employees to choose from a variety of plans.

--When you enroll in a new group health plan, you will need
to decide the length of time that a new hire must be with your
company before he/she can be added to the group health
Beware of "point & click" internet services that promise you the low
group cost or affordable benefits plans but don't tell you where they are
located, or don't bother to understand your needs or to explain the pros
and cons of various options.

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