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IMG, an international health insurance company and one of the  
top-rated travel medical insurance companies in the world.  
Standard insurance plans offer little if any protection beyond
the borders of the U.S.   If you get sick or inured while overseas
on business or pleasure, your options are to pay yourself to visit
unfamiliar medical providers or hospitals, or to be flown back
home for treatment.

If your business or personal travel takes you or your employees
outside the United States, you need an International Health
Insurance plan that will protect you with excellent affordable
coverage with highly regarded reliable care providers, or which
pay to have you flown or transported to a nearby country or back
home where you can seek immediate safe treatment.
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Why risk your health when traveling to
foreign destinations?
Most health insurance policies only cover limited benefits to
transport you back to the US for treatment.  For these
international travelers and executives, we recommend and
represent  IMG.

Most health insurance policies only protect you when you go to  
"in network"  providers in your own city or state, and charge a
much higher rate or deductible if you use a provider who is "out
of network."  But if you've ever been ill or faced a medical
emergency while outside of the US, you know you need a travel
insurance policy from IMG
endeavor group to protect you
during your trip.  
For Patriot
Medical Insurance
Global Medical

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Planning an
outside of the US?
(scuba, rock climbing, motorcycling, etc.)

Patriot ExtremeSM
International Medical

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For quotes on
Families, sports teams, church groups, businesses,
or groups of five or more,

Patriot Group Travel Medical InsuranceSM

(provides coverage for a group of 5 or more primary applicants who are
traveling together to a destination outside of their country of
citizenship (coverage period between 15 days and 12 months

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international medical church missions insurance:
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There is no one "best" insurance company or product.  It all
depends on your objectives and your budget, the health, age, and
age of your family, and even what state and the ci