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Life Insurance
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endeavor group proudly has access to hundreds of top-rated
individual and family life insurance companies and  plans.  

But so do over one hundred thousand licensed insurance agents
across the country.  

We are a little different, because we only recommend what makes
sense for our clients, which might not be the least expensive monthly
Yes, you can get plenty of life quotes from online brokers  and search engines,
but we've found that when it comes to life insurance, most folks don't
understand what they are buying, and don't want to admit it, and  they
consequently only look at the "price" of the monthly premium.  

At e.g., we take the time to contact you, listen to your needs, and recommend
life insurance  policies that will protect you, your family, your home and your
business, for now and in future years.

And we will  only show you life insurance policies from a handful of top-rated
Feel free to contact
endeavor group at
any time for more
information  or for
the name of a
nearest you.
Return of Premium (ROP) Life...
We DO, however like what a new type of policy can do for many of our clients,
because it gives them back all of their money at the end of the term.

Costs a little more, than the old term life, but Return of Premium Term Life
pays you back ALL OF YOUR PREMIUMS that you pay in over the life of the

Available in 10, 15, 20, 30 year and Lifetime terms, you get the peace of mind
of knowing your loved ones are provided for if you die, but if you live past the
term of the policy,  you get back all of the premiums you ever paid in to the
insurance company--TAX-FREE!!  

An absolutely great way for business owners and partners with the need for
"key man" life insurance paid for by their company to get money back at the
end of the term.

This is e.g.'s most popular type of life insurance policy, and it is available
from e.g. through many of the companies we represent, including:
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At endeavor group, we are real people, and we have chosen
insurance as a profession that allows us to support our families and
give back to others and our communities.  We are committed to
serving your needs.

Yes, we have access to the same companies and same online
insurance application and quote services that others do.   But for life
insurance, it is just plain too confusing, so we insist that you contact
us by phone, fax, or email and we will be happy to help discuss your

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This will help us contact you to give you a free, comprehensive life
insurance consultation and help you select the best plan for you from
hundreds of  term life quotes from top rated companies.
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