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Supplemental Benefits
Supplemental Benefits are exactly that-- they  allow
employees to supplement their health insurance policy
with additional benefits: dental, vision, foreign travel,
accident, life insurance, disability, critical care,
cancer, long-term care, and even  legal retainer plans.  

Many employer group plans offer these benefits to
employees as part of a "cafeteria" of benefits that they
can pay for themselves through payroll deduction, or
individuals can purchase these benefits separately.

endeavor group  represents the following
top-rated  supplemental benefits  companies and  
hundreds more.  These companies offer real value and
help supplement the traditional health insurance plan
for businesses and individuals with important benefits.

Find out more about each one of these by clicking on
the links below and contacting us at the numbers at
the left.
Colonial Life and Accident Insurance Co.

*Affordable Medical Plans,

US Health Care Association:
Home of the $10.00 Meds Plan!


*Prepaid Legal Services, Inc.

(*These are not insurance products.)
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and  fill out the
 REQUEST FORM and submit online or print out and fax
back and  let e.g. do the shopping for you.
There is no one "best" insurance company or product.  
It all depends on your objectives and your budget, the
health, age, and age of your family, and even what state
and the city and neighborhood that you live.  

Insurance companies must manage their business in a
changing Health care market, and comply with volatile
government regulations.  Entrust your insurance
business with a full-time professional independent  
agent who keeps abreast with the industry.

Beware of "point & click" internet services that promise
you the lowest rate but don't tell you where they are
located, or don't bother to get to understand your needs
or to explain the pros and cons of various options.

endeavor group, we are real people, and we have
chosen insurance as a profession that allows us to
support our families and give back to others and our
communities.  We are committed to serving your needs.

Yes, we have access to the same companies and same
online insurance application and quote services that
others do.  You can access those by clicking on the icon.  
But you can contact us by phone, fax, or email and we
will be happy to help you in any way possible.

Click on the links for more information and to get your
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Supplemental Benefits
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