welcome to
endeavor group's
"untypical standards of excellence"
...endeavor group is a different type of professional
services firm, with
different values, a different
, and a different standard of excellence.
endeavor group applies
"untypically high  standards of excellence" in
serving clients,  associates, and  communities in
everything that we do.

Here is the what, why and how we are
driven to excel:
Communicating simply, honestly, effectively
e.g. takes pride in making the complex easy to
understand.  We take the time to listen to your needs
and wants, and then find the best solution.  And you
can communicate with e.g. at any time according to
your preferencece via face -to - face,  phone, fax, email
or mail at the contacts below.

Harnessing Technology
e.g. insurance services has partnered with
technology leaders and leading providers to make our
services easy for you to select, easy to enroll, and easy
for you to administer.  Click on the link at right to see
how easy it is to learn, shop, compare, select, apply,
and enroll through e.g.

e.g. sales services has also developed several
proprietary new business prospecting and sales
development services that will help grow and expand
your business.
e.g. is now applying those same life and
business lessons to the service industry and we are
building a national values-based company.  e.g. has
the mindset and expertise to deliver to our clients
outstanding customer service and value in the services
that we offer.  

Our reward for your business is the means to support
our families and give back our time and earnings to our
communities.  Click on the links above for more

e.g's principals each have over twenty five years
experience in executive leadership positions and
helped build companies, trusted brand names and
products that you use in your home every day.  We
realize that you demand 24/7 excellence.
endeavor group
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214-764-6380  fax

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